Here's what people who have learned to play gongs at one of Jere's Gong Playshops have to say about their experience:

"The Beginners Gong Playshop with Jere was an amazing experience! A great way to get to know more about the instrument (and others) as well as to get comfortable playing them. I wasn't sure if the gong would be something I'd pursue when I went in, but afterwards I couldn't wait to get started. Jere's time and way of teaching gave me the confidence to get my own gong and begin my own practice!" Jessica Tehan

"Anyone can play the gong with Jere's easy to follow instructions! I enjoyed the different stroke techniques and appreciated his thorough knowledge on the different gongs and mallets.  I purchased a gong that would be best suited for my needs and I know I will be buying another one soon!" Jennifer Emperador 

"Jere is a kind and generous teacher.  By attending his weekend Gong Playshop, you'll develop a good knowledge of gong history/tradition as well gain confidence to develop your own unique style of play." Lisa Bozeman

"Jere, I enjoyed your teaching style and your sharing of your personal experiences.  You are a virtuoso gong player, adept in all aspects of technique.  I also greatly appreciated your knowledge of the history of the gong and I'm grateful for your assistance after the class in selecting a gong to purchase as well as your gong care instruction."  Garland Blessing

"I have attended three of Jere Friedman’s Gong Playshops. I always leave after the weekend having learned more each time. Jere is very thorough with the principles and methods of playing the gongs. The handout booklet is a very valuable tool to refer to on gong therapy and healing techniques. It's a fun and healing weekend with like-minded people. I loved learning about all the many gongs and their different healing and sound vibrations. The history of the gongs I found very fascinating. I would definitely recommend this playshop with Jere Friedman." R.K.

"I recently had the pleasant opportunity to attend a weekend gong Playshop at the lovely home of Jere Friedman in Phoenix, Arizona. It was an invaluable way to learn all the fascinating aspects of the gong and to refresh my skills and acquire new ones.  I especially appreciated the balance of study, discussion and hands-on playing on many different gongs.  Jere is a talented and gifted student of the gongs and it was such a blessing that he could facilitate and share this experience that others might also know the teachings of the gong."  Lee Wearly

"The Gong Playshop was a true blessing.  I highly recommend this workshop for anyone interested in  playing the Gong or for anyone looking for a chance to open up their creative spirit.  Jere is an excellent instructor.  His passion for playing the gong shines through making the class a delightful joyful experience."  Marci Zomok

"I was blessed to have had an opportunity of a lifetime! I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with Jere in learning how to play one of the most beautiful and powerful instruments that I've ever heard! He was very knowledgeable and held a professional attitude throughout the entire workshop. The information he relayed was spoken simply, yet potently. I was amazed at what a humble spirit he has. Jere is unique in his way of playing his own Gongs as well. He holds a high respect for their features and an even higher respect for continuing to advance his knowledge in learning more about the Gong himself. If you have ever thought about learning how to play the gong, or are just interested in learning more about the Gong, Jere is the man!"  Brandi Campbell

“Jere - what an amazing job you did with the material [at the Beginners’ Gong Playshop]!  I am grateful to you for being so organized, thorough, detailed, timely, encouraging and fun!  I learned more from you than I did in a couple of other Gong workshops I have attended.  Thank you so much for doing the playshop and please keep me on the email list of more events to come." J.F.

Playshop Testimonials