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At a Gong Playshop with Jere Friedman
Based on the teachings of Gongmaster Don Conreaux
It’s fun! It’s easy! Here's what you'll learn at the Beginners' Playshop:

  • Origins of the Gong
  • Different Types of Gongs and help with purchasing a gong
  • Techniques for Playing
  • Hand-Held Gong Techniques
  • Different Types of Mallets
  • Lots of HANDS-ON TIME playing the gongs!!!
  • How to organize and facilitate a gongbath
  • And MUCH MORE!!!!

Learn to Play the Gongs!

Here are photos from previous Gong Playshops:

DON’T HAVE A GONG?   No problem! Gongs will be provided!  No Gong playing experience required ~ the Beginners' Playshop is suitable for any level of experience.

Students who complete the Beginners' Playshop are eligible to attend the Intermediate Playshop when that is offered. The Intermediate Playshop provides an opportunity to further your mastery of the skills and understanding of playing the gongs, sound healing, and related topics.

CLICK HERE  for information about the next Beginners' Gong Playshop - April 17-19, 2020.

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