Gongbath Testimonials

Here's what people who have attended one of our gongbath events have to say about their experience:

"I want to share regarding the gongbath experience. I'm currently getting chemo and decided to go because my last one is on Wednesday. One effect of chemo is I have a really high pulse rate, between 110-125. I checked my pulse right after the gongbath and it was a glorious 85! I slept the best I have that night too! Thanks to all who provided to my spirits that night. It was a very special experience.” Blair S.

"Thank you for a lovely evening. I appreciate how every step of the evening created a sense of calm and balancing. The guided journey helped quiet my full and busy mind in preparation for the gong bath. I’ve experienced gongs before yet never so many at once. I relaxed and found the vibrations carrying me to a vast boundlessness which was expansive and balancing. Afterward, I felt grounded and very inwardly quiet and balanced. That night, my sleep was the deepest in a long time. G. S.

"My friend Jere Friedman is a professional who lives in the Phoenix Arizona area. I have been to one of his concerts, and can tell you that his music is VERY energizing to the subtle energy system of chakras and energy channels. He is not only a musician but also a certified meditation teacher, which in fact go hand-in-hand but which you may not normally immediately associate as things that go together. This is because the music is not intellectual music, but music that operates directly, PHYSICALLY, on the body and its enteric brain and systems. It is a completely different system of music which is being rediscovered in our era. So if any of what I am talking about as far as meditation and consciousness piques your interest, including the idea of resurrection as a complete metanoia for each of us as members of the human race, please make an effort to go to one of Jere's concerts and palpably EXPERIENCE for yourself the wonderful bliss of subtle energy waking up your body. It may change your life in unexpected ways!" William Smith, Victoria, BC, Canada

"A heartfelt thanks to you for facilitating the gongbath at the West Valley Center for Spiritual Living on Saturday, June 25th. I'm feeling much lighter today in the heart center over a situation I've been stuck in for a very, very long period of time. I will more than likely sign up for your Breathwork & Gong Healing Journey on July 16th, time and circumstances permitting."  J.T.

"I had a very profound experience at Jere's gong meditation event last night. It's something I will be meditating and journaling about, and going deeper with for awhile. It was kind of like having a dream where all the Universal Truths were revealed to me, and then I woke up. In the waking up it's sometimes challenging to express what you dreamt about in the same way that you got the information. During this meditation and sound healing I was completely alert and still in the now, but also at the same time went to a place of incredible understanding. When I went to write down some key words and phrases as I tried to capture the knowledge and understandings that were being given to me, I saw the words later as only words...they didn't have the same impact, meaning or deep knowledge that I had experienced. What I experienced might or might not be able to be explained. It doesn't come from the mind or from reason. My life is a journey and I feel truly blessed to be here on Earth experiencing all of this...all of what we call life. I'm so utterly grateful and I'm sending you and our world so much love!" Hope Suzanne

"Jere, I had to share an experience with you.  I attended my first gong event in June. My expectations were not high. I came because a friend had been asking me every couple of months to go with her.  When I got there, I decided that I would put aside any preconceived ideas and attitudes; I would let whatever happened happen. I can only describe the experience as profound. When I got home, I downloaded a couple of your CD's onto my I-Pad. I have incorporated Gong music -- especially "A Daily Dose of Vitamin G(ong)" into my morning meditation.  Later, I was telling a friend of mine, who will be 90 years old next month, about the Gongs.  Because she was extremely interested, I bought her a copy of "How Good It Is".  She loves it.  She uses it every day and says she experiences colors -- reds, oranges, yellows -- washing over her and that it completely relaxes her.  She then asked me to buy "Shelter of Peace" so she can give it to her "stressed out" daughter-in-law.  You now have a 90 year old gong enthusiast who is spreading the word. And the Gong vibrates." L.S. Sun City, AZ

“I was blown away by the depth and beauty of the experience of your playing the gongs for us.  Thank you for sharing your love and generosity in this way. Wow.  Just no words to describe how much I appreciate you.  What a very special and awake man you are.”  L.I., Boulder, CO

"I was enamored with Jere and the gong bath he performed for a group that I attended in November, 2014. After it was over I felt wonderful and powerful at the same time.  I was hooked and wanted to learn more about the gongs.  I signed up for one of Jere’s Beginners’ Gong Playshops and had a fabulous experience.  Jere is a natural born teacher and the handouts he gave everyone in the Playshop were fabulous.  I never felt overwhelmed and never got lost in his presentation.  Jere is extremely articulate and his love for playing the gong was very evident with his enthusiasm and knowledge.  I came away from the Playshop feeling I had learned something very valuable.  Jere’s passion for the gongs wore off on me and I hope to be purchasing my first gong in the very near future."  Christine Williams 2/1/2015"Jere Friedman is one of the most extraordinary and gifted gong masters and healers around! We're so blessed to have him and wonderful wife Ellen in our community!" Marie Suzette Fowler, Phoenix, AZ

"Jere - you are amazing!! You are truly gifted as a speaker, spiritual teacher, a gong master & singer. Thank you for weaving everything together for us to experience the Divine & Oneness. BTW - my left ear has been plugged for forever & first gong hit - it opened. Hmm. I set the intention to hear the voice of God within. Love it!!" Ginny Kuhn, Santa Barbara, CA

"Jere, I absolutely loved being part of your sound bath. I was feeling a lot of sadness and I woke up the next day feeling healed in so many ways." Ana Castronovo, Los Angeles, CA

"This gong meditation experience gave me the opportunity to hear some subtle changes in the beautiful vibrations that resonated so deeply within me.  Every cell in my body seemed to be in harmony.  Your love of the gongs is majestically translated in your playing. Your willingness to answer questions and share your love of this sacred music is greatly appreciated. I look forward to your next CD."  J.P., New York, NY

"I was so energized and moved by the Holoenergetic Healing Gong experience a few weeks ago.  During the meditation I gained insight in several aspects of my life and was energized for hours afterwards. I even made the decision to purchase a chair I've been lusting after for a few months.  I've affectionately titled it my "Chair of Enlightenment".  Thank you both for helping me to raise my vibrational energy!"  A.F., Mesa, Arizona

"Jere, you and your gongs have been the talk of the weekend for many.  Your love of the instrument and your thoughtful, careful presentation (and all that went in to making it happen quickly with ease and grace!) were gifts to us all.  May the blessings of the weekend be returned to you ten-fold and continue expanding and unfolding, as does your personal spiritual journey."  J.G. Phoenix, AZ

“Jere’s gong playing has a unique way of taking you right to the feet of the divine. At a recent gong bath I experienced a new sound he was making with the gongs and it took me right out of my body in a vortex of light. I was surrounded with female energy and she said to me, 'Experience the unconditional love. This is who you are and this is how you change the world.' Experiencing the unconditional love and my essence of it brought me to tears. Thank you Divine and thank you Jere” KSH, Phoenix, AZ

"Jere's gong meditation attunes the cells of the body and reminds them of their natural harmony, structure and function. In a healing bath of unconditional love it vibrationally aligns body with soul and opens a portal to Oneness." Leonard Laskow M.D.

"Thank you so much for a beautiful practice.  There are no words fitting to express my gratitude for the gift of your presence and offering.  I came home full of peace, joy and the beautiful feeling of being connected to all of life.  Thank you!  What a precious gift you have to be able to bless others with."  D.J.C., Phoenix, AZ

"The gong yesterday was tremendous."  M.Z.

"I was both transported AND transformed. . . I was certainly moved, it brought me into another place. . . The interface & experience was empowering, and makes us more confident in who we are.  It cleared the air of extraneous conflicts & anxieties, making us able to see ourselves & the world with greater clarity."  Greg

"To be Gonged!  It is absolutely wonderful! The experience is pure bliss as the undulating waves of music wash over you allowing your body to synchronize with the powerful wave patterns and bringing your body’s vibrational energy into harmony thereby naturally aligning your chakras. This is a fine tuning of your body, self and soul. It is as though you have become the tuning fork allowing all of the glorious benefits of magnificent harmony to saturate your being and bring the whole of you into alignment with your true state. Such wonderful and powerful work and all you have to do is lie there. Portals open and whole worlds expand within the notes when you open your heart and let the gong do its job of harmonizing your entire self into a blissful vibrating being and all you have to do… is lie there… what fun! Keep it up…. get gonged!" Roger Schwartz

“We had a fabulous time [at the Summer Solstice gongbath].  What a nice park, too!  [GH] said: "Every legislator should be required to attend this". My whole system felt better + healed. [He] said the pounding inside his head stopped (didn't know he lived w constant pounding).  We got home at 9:30 completely energized.  A great program!  Please keep it up!!  Thanks again. T.C.