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Jere Friedman - Gongs

After I released my first two gong CDs, I received many requests for a gongbath recording that could be played while giving a massage or performing other body work.  I recorded this CD with the intention of providing such an experience.  This recording delivers 70 uninterrupted minutes of soothing, meditative gong tones that are designed to induce peaceful relaxation and rejuvenation for both the body worker and client. You also may play this CD while resting, sleeping, or at any other time that you desire a deep meditation experience.  

In preparation for this recording, I videotaped Candace Caldwell giving my wife, Ellen, a relaxing massage while I played the gongs.  I took that video into the recording studio and watched it while recording this CD, so that the relaxing and healing energy of the massage is embodied in this recording.

Suggestions for Listening:  For massage or other body work, play at a moderate volume to create soothing ambient vibrations for both the practitioner and client.  For meditation, etc., find a place where you won't be interrupted.  Turn off anything that rings, buzzes, beeps, etc.  Dim the lights, sit or lie down comfortably.  If you have headphones, use them.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and release your breath slowly as you let go of anything you no longer want or need to keep within yourself.  This recording also is especially wonderful for listening through headphones while traveling on an airplane, etc. (but not while driving!).  You will arrive feeling refreshed and energized. Enjoy the ride!

Album Notes:

Jere Friedman played the following gongs on this recording: 

      •  Mr. Charlie, a 32” Paiste Symphonic gong; 
      •  Sylvia, a 20” Paiste Symphonic gong;
      •  Al Tira, a 38” Paiste Sedna Planetary gong; 
      •  Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, a 24” Paiste Uranus Planetary gong; 
      •  Maitri, a 24” Paiste New Moon Synodic Planetary gong; and 
      •  Malach, a 32” Paiste Mercury Planetary gong. 


Produced and arranged by Jere Friedman – Gong2Heaven Productions
Recorded and mixed by: Jeff Merkel – Om Audio
Mastered by: Liv Singh – Invincible Recording Studio
Mandala design by Justina Tseng –
Photo of Jere Friedman by Janise Witt –
Liner notes and design: Jere Friedman and Liv Singh

Jere Friedman acknowledges and appreciates: Spirit / Ellen Friedman / Gongmaster Don Conreaux / Candace McKenna Caldwell / Jeff Merkel / Liv Singh / John-Roger / Paramhansa Yogananda / Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick / Connie Rawlings-Dritsas / Janis Butler, Jane Lucien-Scholle, Stacey Prillaman, Rhett Smith, and the rest of the University of Santa Monica 2014 Masters of Spiritual Psychology graduating class

Another feature of this recording is that it begins and ends with the same "heartbeat" strokes on the gong, so it can be played on "repeat" mode and looped into a seamless soundtrack without beginning or end. That makes it ideal for continuous play during body work, meditation, sleep, etc.  Many blessings – and enjoy! Jere Friedman