Breathwork Testimonials

Here's what people who have attended one of our Breathwork + Gong Healing Journeys have to say about their experience:

“I had two Breathwork and Gong Healing sessions with Jere. This was the first time I did this and I wasn’t fully sure as to what to expect. Jere was very patient in explaining everything and showed tremendous knowledge. The sessions themselves were very powerful and healing and I felt a big release of old pain. Jere is incredible at what he does and a true healer. Thank you Jere!” Albert K., Switzerland

“I was at the breathwork and gong healing workshop that you did [recently] in Scottsdale.  What an incredible experience!!  I felt my pineal gland open with the sound and vibration of the gong radiating through my brain and body.  I felt so much releasing and on my mind screen had visions of the black night sky filled with the planets and brilliant stars and what I think must’ve been the Milky Way. It was magnificent traveling out there! It was clearly a moment when I was outside of my body and some place I have not experienced before. It was so purifying and liberating to dance with my Divinity. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Name withheld by request.

"When I signed up for Jere's breathwork and gong event, I had little idea what to expect. I've been in a rough place emotionally for quite a while, and I knew that I had to start "breathing" again. I hoped that I could access some peace and release through the breathing techniques. I had no idea that the combination of breath and intense sound could be so overwhelming! The music and rhythmic breathing produced an excitement, an agitation that was thrilling. Lots of moaning and sighing and a feeling of grinding out the "stuff" that I had been holding onto so tightly. Then the gongs started. The complete saturation of the sounds of the gongs for me was like being lifted and delivered into clear space. The sounds were speaking my feelings; the keening sounds like cries escaping, the booming bass reaching into my guts and feeling like I had been surgically opened and all my insides exposed, and all the glue that had been keeping me shut down and stuck was cleaned out. I can honestly say the energy persisted for a couple of weeks, and the recollection of the sense of freedom is still there for me to draw upon. I am now a fan. I can't wait to do it again!"  Name withheld by request.

"Dear Ellen and Jere, I want to thank you for the most amazing healing ceremony at your house. Both of you attended to such detail and the meditations, breathwork, and gongbath were in such beautiful sequence. Fascinating modality to heal. I learned to not carry so much burden on my shoulders. What a great healing and lesson. So many blessings to you both." L.C.

"Jere, thanks so much for all that you did to make our breathwork and gong experience so profound. Your format is stellar and most inspirational. I love the way you combine breathwork and the gongbath! All the parts of it were so perfect: the body movement to loosen us up, the heart-centered meditation, the deep breathwork portion where you played evocative music and facilitated our breathing with essential oils and plenty of verbal support, the way you allowed us to release any deep-seated emotions, and the great gongbath while we all processed our "stuff." I felt so free to express the emotions I had been holding back and it sounded like others also felt as free. Thanks so much for bringing the gong and breathing together in such an inspired way. I am so looking forward to your next event! I want to encourage anyone to attend one of Jere Friedman's gong/breathing sessions and feel how your body responds!" E. R., Tempe, AZ

"My first breathwork - primal release - gongbath ceremony experience was profound. I released deep seeded emotions in a natural, heart-centered manner. The release was euphoric and deep. The gongbath then opened my pineal gland/third eye chakra. This experience paralleled my recent experiences with the plant medicines in the Amazon jungle. The breathwork and primal release was the purge which was followed by opening of the pineal gland. The blue and purple visions I experienced were a blissful closing to a masterfully facilitated ceremony by the maestro Jere. Namaste." Name withheld by request.